Back Among the Living

Well, here I am after all this time.  The first couple of months of absenteeism were self-declared.  Nothing to say in the fall of politics and rage.   I just didn’t feel like it.

But then, the hacks began.  Somewhere, there are people who enjoy inserting words such as Viagra and erectile dysfunction into online posts having nothing to do with Viagra or erectile dysfunction.  I can’t quite comprehend the thrill or commercial advantage or whatever it is that would make someone do this.  It has taken several months of effort by a superhero technician, Jeff Langlais, to make things right.  And there is still more to go.  All images were dropped.  Most punctuation was obliterated, as well as formatting.  But bit by bit we’re getting back to normal with several safeguards in place to protect us in the future.

Now, of course, I have to get back into the habit of thinking that I have something to say that you would want to read.  I’ll do my best.


IMG_1068January is the month when time slows down.  Today is the big blizzard,  Snowmageddon, they are calling it, and while it hasn’t quite reached Biblical proportions, it has reminded us that the weather is in charge.  Typically in January, there are stretches of hours and even days when there is nothing on the calendar.  No meetings, classes, parties, deadlines, appointments or trips.  I’m speaking about January in Maine here.  It might be quite different in Florida or California or certainly in Australia, but here in Maine where the days are  short, the nights long and the temperatures low, time congeals.  It’s not a bad thing.  Here is a list of why it’s OK.

1.  Time to clean.  I mean, really clean.  Here you see before and after pictures of a studio clean-up.  Actually they are more of a during and after studio IMG_1057clean-up but the change was just as dramatic.


2.  Time to meet friends for coffee during the day.

3.  Time to cook and explore new recipes and ingredients.  We joined a mushroom CSA and I’m reading all I can about what the heck to do with these gorgeous things called Grey Dove and Snow Oysters.

4.  Another chance to honor all of those resolutions, the things you know you should be doing.  Somehow a resolution in July doesn’t have the same force.  Going to the gym in January takes serious commitment while walking on the beach in July does not.  One can feel more virtuous while exercising in January.

IMG_10615.  Time in the studio.  When all of the other aspects of life shrink away, there is time to do what we should be doing all along.

I’m afraid that this post has a bit of the “what I had for breakfast” quality about it and I apologize for that.  But the January slowdown has affected pretty much everything, including the part of the brain that reaches outward in communication.

There is now a way to sign up for notification of these postings.  With any luck, you should be able to click on the title of the post and arrive at a comment section where you can check the notification box, send me your email address and hereafter you will be notified of upcoming posts as they appear.  And if you really want more, you can sign up for a quarterly newsletter at my website,  It will have announcements of what is happening or upcoming as well as a few things to see and do.  All of this social media stuff can sure interfere with studio time!