Back Among the Living

Well, here I am after all this time.  The first couple of months of absenteeism were self-declared.  Nothing to say in the fall of politics and rage.   I just didn’t feel like it.

But then, the hacks began.  Somewhere, there are people who enjoy inserting words such as Viagra and erectile dysfunction into online posts having nothing to do with Viagra or erectile dysfunction.  I can’t quite comprehend the thrill or commercial advantage or whatever it is that would make someone do this.  It has taken several months of effort by a superhero technician, Jeff Langlais, to make things right.  And there is still more to go.  All images were dropped.  Most punctuation was obliterated, as well as formatting.  But bit by bit we’re getting back to normal with several safeguards in place to protect us in the future.

Now, of course, I have to get back into the habit of thinking that I have something to say that you would want to read.  I’ll do my best.

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