\Another trip to Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, this time to teach a two-week session in basketry.  Not basketry per se, but more the idea of working with what comprises a basket:  multiple elements, mechanically connected, to create (traditionally) a vessel.  That leaves a lot of latitude for interpretation, and that’s the whole point.

Here is the description of the workshop as it appears in the summer 2016 Haystack catalogue:

Baskets are traditionally made with natural materials, using mechanical connections, creating vessel forms. We will extend the tradition by using unusual materials and non-traditional connections to make expressive vessel forms. After exploring the possibilities of many materials and ways of connecting them we will spend some time generating ideas and creating strategies for putting it all together to come up with individual work, which may be connected to your current work or completely new. Be ready to rip, stitch, twine, staple, rivet, fold, notch, paint, draw, laugh, think, succeed, fail and tune your own voice. All levels welcome

I’ll be writing each day to take you along on our journey in exploration. This is my favorite way to teach, being in a room of talented, eager people who are willing to take chances and to commit to their own inner visions.  It’s not always easy but can be so rewarding.

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